Oscar resides in the US, has one relative left, two chihuahuas, more effects than Guitar Center, twice as many acquaintances, no children (that he is aware of), a few treasured friends, one formidable booking agent, and a textbook case of ADHD.

He was born in El Salvador to Iberian and Jewish Palestinian immigrant families that fled WWII, and spent his formative years in Spain, Miami and El Salvador, where he received accelerated education.

Nothing was known of ADHD --at least to his parents, whom, to keep him away from the internals of engines and electronic devices, enrolled him in conventional schooling and extra-curricular activities like football (the kind that involves usage of the foot and an actual ball), and Classical Guitar under Jose Candido Morales at Academia Mangoreana.

    Oscar became Jose Candido's "piernas de cigarillo" protégé, and a regular on Mangore's life discovery through Jose Candido's eyes and accounts --Mangore's only live-in student. Oscar taught music until the accidental fracture of his left pinky when he was 15 y/o. He had been a routine figure at Conservatorio Nacional, and a favorite composer of Fernando Llort's musical works.

    Rediscovered by Dr. Mario A. Lopez while working in industry, with no command of English, C++ nor formal training in Discrete Mathematics, Oscar was conditionally admitted to the PhD program at the University of Denver. One year later, he was teaching C++ in English.

    Discouraged by the swipe-left culture and the trend of the self in industry (gone the days of art and teamwork exercise in problem solving, as pioneered by Paul Erdös), Oscar reduced his software business to a small consulting practice. His friend Megan had started bringing him to revive his guitar of old at her restaurant bar in CO.


    Oscar's style is a fusion of Classical and Nuevo Flamenco techniques. He composes original Nuevo Flamenco pieces and produces polyphonic arrangements of commercial hits for one and two guitars, which he delivers solo (sometimes with the aid of a dual-channel looper), and in duo / trio setting with his countrymate, guitar virtuoso and friend Jose Valle Fajardo 'Chuscales'.

    He wishes to thank, in chronological order: